Aims & Objectives

The first objective of the DHW project was to establish a working group (WG) with a core membership of both science providers and science users. The WG enabled the exchange of knowledge relating to cutting-edge, innovative research in microbial quantification techniques for regulatory monitoring of bathing and shellfish harvesting waters. Over an 18 month period the project addressed the following key objectives:

  1. To hold a series of knowledge exchange workshops centred on emerging pressures and shifts in microbial quantification techniques for regulatory monitoring;
  2. To identify future research requirements in line with the workshop outputs and to substantiate any areas of current scientific uncertainty and enhance the science evidence base for informing European policy;
  3. To integrate the outputs from the thee workshops and deliver a Decision Making Framework (DMF) for the future assessment of quantification options for recreational (and shellfish harvesting) waters; and
  4. To deliver wider outreach beyond the Working Group via a series of briefing papers linked to the state of the science. Also to capitalise on existing links with the World Health Organisation (WHO), the co-ordinating authority for health within the United Nations.