David Kay – Co-Investigator

David Kay is Professor of Environment and Health at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. He has acted as consultant and/or adviser on diffuse microbial pollution and water quality and standards for recreational and drinking water to WHO, EU, USEPA, NERC, EPSRC, DEFRA, DWI, HPA, Scottish Government, Environment Agency, SEPA and WRc.

Recently, David Kay acted as:
specialist adviser to the House of Lords, European Communities Select Committee enquiry into the revision of the EU Bathing Water Directive;
consultant to EU-DGXI on revised standards for bathing waters throughout the community;
member Scientific Advisory Committee to NERC on the Environment and Human Health Initiative;
member of the WHO steering group on diffuse pollution from livestock wastes and the effects on human health;
adviser to the WHO on recreational water Guidelines design and water-related risk assessment;
consultant to WHO on the development of global disease burden assessment in the area of water and sanitation; and
adviser to USEPA on revision of the US Bathing water quality Guidelines.
He currently directed research projects receiving over £10m including:
real-time forecasting of recreational water quality, Smart Coasts Sustainable Communities, EU;
climate change impacts on recreational water-associated disease burden in Europe EU-ECDC;
cloud to coast (C2C) modelling of faecal indicator concentrations in catchment systems NERC;
Microbial model calibration in the upper Severn estuary UK, EU;
BMPs for remediation of diffuse pollution flux from agriculture DEFRA;
epidemiology of recreational exposures in EU fresh and marine waters EPIBATHE EU;
methods for viral pathogen detection in recreational waters VIROBATHE EU;
modelling viral flux at catchment scale under conditions of climate change VIROCLIME EU.